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Office 2013 Retail Is Tied To 1 Machine Forever

Can I re-format my PC and reinstall? It mentions nothing about not being able to transfer the licence to another PC. LibreOffice would otherwise be quite perfect, but full MS Office compatibility is exactly what keeps it down. Even the fanbois are having a hard time pumping them up. check over here

Step 5: Screw radiator cap back in place. I'm pretty disappointed that they are doing so in in crippling normal versions rather than leaving them alone and making subscription deals so much better that it becomes obvious choice. Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Discuss this Article 11 Plazma10 on Mar 6, 2013 I definitely complained to Microsoft about buying a 2010 license in January and not getting the upgrade http://www.microsofthup.com/hupus/faq.aspx?culture=en-US What is everyone else talking about?

I told them that this was my only PC that I used Windows 7 on and they were cool with it. once... If that's the case, I won't upgrade due to the fact I reformat my computer every so often to keep the performance up since I do a lot of testing of

He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.You can follow Martin on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ View all posts by The new wording for both retail and OEM doesn't say that the license is permanently bonded to the hardware like the original OEM license. Personally, for home use I have used LibreOffice, Kingsoft Office (free) and they have been more than adequate for light word processing, light spreadsheet work and viewing (no longer need to I have no idea how MS sees it.

Login or register to post comments zorb58 on Feb 14, 2013 No, you already paid a reduced price for the set amount of time on the subscription. Computer Type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number homebuilt OS Window 8 Pro CPU I7-3930k Motherboard Asus P9X79 Pro Memory 16 GB Gskill DDR3-2133 Graphics Card eVGA GTX 680 Sound Card Soundblaster Zx Buy a new PC and you won't be allowed to install your existing copy of Office on it, even if you wipe the disk of the old PC. http://winsupersite.com/office-2013/office-2013-gotcha-standalone-products-are-one-pc-only Libre Office) although a VM would provide some added security...

Once anything changes, offically the computer has changed and the terms are reset. Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: (Score:3) by joe_frisch ( 1366229 ) writes: I wish it did, but it doesn't. All Rights Reserved. Don't most folk use sleep or hibernate, or for a desktop, just leave it one all the time?I've only used VMs on beefy servers, never on consumer desktop or laptop hardware.

I don't think I am exaggerating here. More Bonuses I'm fine that I have to purchase a new license per computer I own, but not a new license for every installation. If you already are using MS office you will find that Libreoffice isn't compatible enough: formatting differences in powerpoint, issues with pivot tables, problems with markup, etc. office 2010 to office 2013 weird thing happend in Software and Apps upgraded to 2013 I told it to remove 2010 and install 2013 durning the install my nvidia drivers kept

People replace motherboards... check my blog Some dealerships will provide the code for free, most won't. So if you have a big, multi-processor, powerful server and you want to fire up 8 virtual servers on the thing? Intercepted.

I guess the equation may change a little when children come into the picture and they have to submit .docx files for assignments. Install procedure would be to insert disk, run Setup, get prompted for the required license keys, and get an icon on your desktop that when invoked, brings up Office in a Does that mean if I change motherboards I have to worry about my license suddenly not working? this content Login or register to post comments Waethorn on Feb 14, 2013 Activation has always been locked to the motherboard.

When you open it back up again, it un-suspends. Customers can't even deactivate one PC, uninstall the software, install the software on a new rig, and then reactivate it. That way it works out to the same amount for 5 devices, but the upfront cost for your average consumer who has 1-3 devices is more palatable.

Seems a little misleading James: I would still agree without it is a non transferable software but we do consider for the computer crashed or not working cases.

Even in the rare case that you are really starting from scratch you will find that people you hire are more likely to be familiar with MS office. Re:just use virtual machines (Score:5, Insightful) by rudy_wayne ( 414635 ) writes: on Wednesday February 13, 2013 @07:06PM (#42889377) Or, we could all stick with a previous version of Office, and He is a billionaire many times over. They seem to be hellbent on self-destruction.

you have 'licensed it' from MS. I hope they get teared apart for this. All you are buying is a key to type in after you create your Microsoft account. http://isdotnetdead.com/office-2013/office-2013-rtm-on-technet.html Microsoft has had that language in place for OEM software in the past, but not for retail licenses."OEM software is that pre-installed by a computer maker, or OEM (for "original equipment

My boss is a bit of a mac fan, and osx has been breeding at various high levels, so I ended up with a 27" imac as my own machine to Mom and Pop don't know what "licensing agreements" are. thanks ... Step 6: Close hood.

You cant buy it it most stores and walk out with a disc of any type. JF L: This applies to the 2013 version? People liked the whole Office365 subscription thing, after all. As long as people can scribble occasional letter and open existing docs they are happy.

Login or register to post comments aras on Feb 14, 2013 By the way this could be simply illegal practice in some countries. YMMV, and I didn't read the license agreem Re: (Score:2) by Lonewolf666 ( 259450 ) writes: I use Office 2012 at work, albeit not as my main tool. include a photo, graph or some such.I bet that's what 90++ % of the users do with it. Login or register to post comments Bill R on Feb 19, 2013 I have to say, I hate the scheme to lock a license to a single CPU.

Advertisement Related ArticlesOffice 365 Home Premium Review 69 Office 365 vs. You may transfer the software directly to a third party only as installed on the licensed computer, with the Certificate of Authenticity label and this agreement. Reply kalmly February 16, 2013 at 9:01 am # Their licensing was always too restricted. Transplanting software from one machine to another (or invoking Ship of Theseus-like questions over when an upgraded PC becomes a new one) is something for enthusiasts—perhaps explaining why the OEM license

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: (Score:3) by MightyYar ( 622222 ) writes: I'd switch, but the horrid VBA in Excel is still far better-documented and easier to develop for than I am working with 32-bit in both cases. If done right its the same as tabbing through windows. No one will be able to ignore the message we're sending now.- I don't know, Bill.

It's difficult to see the wisdom in this change. Login or register to post comments GraveDigger27 on Feb 14, 2013 As I posted before - for most people Office 2013 or Office 365 provides more capabilities than they would really Please share this article About Martin Brinkmann Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.