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my Windows 8.1 pro stopped playing any sounds

Need Help On HDMI Sound

Need the charge battery sound working?

New GFX Card - no sound only when playing games

New Motherboard/No Sound

No audio from headphones

No Audio or Stops after some time

no audio from facebook call

No audio

No Audio. zip

No audio is coming from my speakers all of a sudden.

No audio in videos

no audio when playing music or watching videos.

No audio from a second program


No audio at all problem

No audio on P50 when duplicate display over HDMI

No Audio after plugging in headphones?

no audio in google chrome

no audio on computer

No Audio with media player

No HDMI sound or speak/headphones sound

No headphone sound

No audio (at all). I have read other's solutions

No audio signal out of headset

no dvd sound in realplayer 10/vista

No Sound - HP ENVY 15-j171nr Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

No Sound .Please guide

No Sound after Vista update

No Sound Input

No Sound Freakout

No Sound In Browser After A While

No sound on Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

No sound from my Acer M5201

No sound from .mov files on new PC

No sound from my computer

No sound in my lap top

No sound output through HDMI when connecting to TV

No sound from any internet explorer video. Sound card ok. Sound from other sources

No sound after GFX card install?

No sound from laptop

No sound through HDMI

No sound after SP1

No sound coming from laptop

No sound from my laptop.

No sound problem

No Sound on YouTube

No sound on my computer

No sound on youtube or any other webpage

No Sound Through Headphones

No sound Realtek ALC888/1200

No sound on my speakers

No sound on H30

no sound on my vista PC

No sound and administrative tools in Win 8

no sound out of built in speakers 6430u

No sound and bad image

No Sound from TV when i connect with HDMI

No sound on HP Envy 32 via mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort c.

No sound out of hdmi in game mode

No sound in Windows Vista HELP NEEDED

No Sound in Multiplayer on 1st server

No sound

no sound all of a sudden vista x64


No sound but hardware all appears OK

No sound from speakers/headphones

No sound to TV from HDMI port Envy Laptop 15-ae107na

No sound on integrated speakers

No sound at all

No Sound Card Selected (Possbily Process Related)

no sound states error 52

no sound in Media Center only

No Sound Even though PC says all my sound related hardware is working

No Streaming Sound in IE 11on SP4 for Some Sites -- Edge Works Fine

No sound through speakers in Windows 8

No sound Windows 7 - restored to 8.1 - still no sound.

No sound from TV with HDMI cable

No sound with hdmi cable

No sound coming from headphones but speakers work

No sound to my system

no sound on my tv when hooked up to hp computer

No sound on websites plz HELP


No sound coming from speakers

No sound from YOu tube or Vimeo but sound ok in some other sites -

no sound from ac411

No sound coming out from computer

no sound in headphone

no sound coming through speakers

No sound in video players

No sound on computer

no sound on hp pavillion 15-n019wm

no sound play dvr-ms or Live TV

No sound in IE but sound in Chrome?

No Sound in Videos - No changes Made to Laptop

No sound after installing graphic card

No sound in Microsoft Flight Sim. 2004

No sound from desktop lenovo 3000 j series upgrade.

No Sound After Installing Graphics Card

No sound in Minecraft

No sound from laptop speakers (say headphones are plugged in + other symptoms)

No sound from Live TV in Media Center

No sound after installing SP1 - PnP Audio Device problem

No sound after reinstalling Windows

No sound after system restore

No Sound on my laptop (Except headphone)

No sound in subwoofer when using mediamonkey

no sound from external monitor

No sound through headphones/speakers from Line-In

No Sound whatsoever

No sound on Windows Vista sometimes

No sound and no Realtek HD Audio Manager.

No Sound on new Envy 750qe 420CTO Desktop

No sound from sub

No Sound with Youtube videos

No sound in Windows 8.1

No sound DV6-3122us Ive tried everythung

No Sound Make T go Nutz can anybody help

No sound on BRAND NEW headset.

No sound on certain avi files

No sound via headphones

No sound in Call of Duty

no sound on flash player (on youtube) using any browsers

no sound from bluetooth adaptor

No Sound with Envy 750qe Desktop

No sound in Bioshock

no sound on vista home editon 32 bit

No Sound from HDMI-in

No Sound - HP ENVY 15

No sound coming from speakers. Unable to play audio files

No Sound from Integrated chip on 7910

No sound speakers

NO sound from Itunes

No sound: plug in the speaker

No sound even though it was working just yesterday. Help

No sound on Thinkpad T520

No sound on my brand new HP ENVY ? 13-d001no

No sound from subwoofer in Windows 8.1

No sound on TV via HDMI connection

No sound when playing music or video

No Sound From Online Sources

No Sound After Boot

No sound in my Desktop following the Win 10 Ver 1607 update through WU

No sound on my HP Pavilion p6755a. Error in Sound AMD HDMI O.

No sound when connected to my TV

No Sound from my HP Envy 15

No sound when external speakers are plugged in

No sound from front headphone jack on D3100

NO Sound with Vista Home Premium

No sound from laptop all of a sudden

no sound from head set

No sound from speakers

No Sound though Vista says "OK"

no sound with Netflix

No sound on my Acer Aspire M5 481pt

No Sound - win8 32bit

No Sound Suddenly

No sound after installing Vista Service Pack 2

No sound and battery not charging HP Pavilion dv6608ca Wind.

No Sound When Headphones Unplugged

No Sound Error 800703E6

no sound on start up or sht snd on mail

no sound when running ps4 through hdmi port

No sound in Vista PLEASE help

No Sound On The Internet

No volume from my laptop

No sound from headphoners

No sound for online videos

No sound on start-up

No sound in metro/modern apps

no sound from computer

No sound from Compaq Presario v5000 Notebook

no sound in my hp g60 535dx

no Windows sounds

No sound from my laptop speakers once I disconnected the headphones

no sound in vista

No sound thru headphones

No Sound in HP Picture in Picture

No sound vista Realtek

No sound with headphones?

No sound on my hp pavilion desktop p6232p

No Sound after installing SSD

No sound at all on my HP ENVY

no sound from K430

No Sound Comcast HD Box

No sound after installing Windows 7 - Compaq Presario V6409T.

No sound from the Internet

No sound from Youtube or Vimeo but sound ok in some other sites -

No sound through HDMI output - Azulle Access

no sound coming from the speakers of my laptop

No sound through speakers

no sound in pc

no sound for movies

no sound in vista ultimate (x64)

No sound coming from laptop or headphones.

No sound on my window 7

No sound in Windows

No sound cominf through the HDMI cable )message shows as not.

No Sound from X-FI Xtreme Gamer

No sound from hp smart touch 600 did a factory reset still n.

No sound from headphones but speakers work.

no sound coming from headphones

No Sound on my Gateway 5626

No sound on LeadtekTV card on Windows 8

NO sound on my Acer Aspire z3-605 It just quit

No sound at all in Vista - need help.

No sound after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

No sound issues

No sound after hard shutdown

no sound in hp pavilion x2 10-n114nf and there is no drivers.

No sound on enabling wow on midea player

No sound on speakers or headphones.

No sound from speaker/headphones

no sound Windows

no sound on x230

no sound when monitor bonnected

No Sound using Webcam - Vista & WLM

no sound except through headphone

No sound with new slimline 411-a005na desktop

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