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Need Help With Azureus And Vistax64

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That feature made an immediate, positive impact in how I use vuze! Håkon Crap, i want friends back I just started to use it and it is a great feature. My torrents have peers but not enough speed to start the downloading. I´ve checked everything: firewall, internet provider, setup guide and I don´t know what else can I do. Can anyone help me I often download files on Vuze and then (10dys18hrs45min later) I can't figure out how to play them or can't get audio to work or can't get them to be recognized https://www.vistax64.com/software/130786-need-help-azureus-vistax64.html

By the way i don't use Facebook or Twitter or any other social network, because it's not useful like Vuze is. I haven't had such a low dl-speed in forever BADGRINGO HORRIBLE AND BAD UPDATE….WHERE THE HELL IS THE MUSIC VIDEO OPTION ?????? silwit Linked download page says Mac OS 10.4.8+ required for the new, faster, less footprint Vuze version, however downloaded installer won't install unless OS is 10.5 at least. Anyone have any ideas?

keep up the good work and listening to your users. What issues have you heard/seen?Click to expand... MAC User… All my previously downloaded movies are now not playing…. The old vuze back.

It installs into my x86 program folder. yes, much faster, Unfortunately it isn't working too well. Doesn't give me enough information about downloads/uploads. useful reference All Rights Reserved.

Thank you, very much for listening to what the users actually want. Wall.worm There´s also missing the sing in thing. Clearly you have not listened to all us users as the friends share option was used and not bottom of our list of things we wanted to keep. The extra features just got in the way.

Can be lighter or faster but your advantage is gone. In fact, I wrote a nice guide for how to get back to the Azureus 2.5 Classic interface. I like the visual fine-tuning of the interface especially in Advanced view. The "new" on seriously belong back in the 90's.

used to be right at my face… Pingback: VUZE: Update v.4.3 - Meno è Meglio|TECH-nology() precessionbeam Great Job ! well, most of us are in it right now and its particularly hard to waste 10$ on a program like this when it could go towards food. Once you have your disc burned, stick it in your drive, and reboot your computer, and boot from the CD. I really don't see any speed difference?

Why not support me and other Ubuntu users? Also, if Vuze would have an add-on that administered Port Forwarding, that sure would help me to speed up my downloads and get better use from Vuze. As a precaution, we are advising our users to change their passwords. bigfatbball2 I LOVE THE CONCEPT but you really need to get it totally os independent as i feel this could be great but if i can use it on 2000, vista,

Quote Postby pdragon » Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:40 pm I'd been using Deluge for quite a while. Currently using 32bit Vuze because utorrent kept hanging my system(known issue) and vuze is slow in terms of too much garbage added to it. .Click to expand... The new look of results?

Trancelorddred Great work back to basics allows you to see whats should return and what should be added,bring back friends.The older Vuze HD may have slowed down things but i would

SuperSubZero, Mar 27, 2009 SuperSubZero, Mar 27, 2009 #4 Mar 27, 2009 #5 criccio Fully Equipped Messages: 10,770 Joined: Mar 26, 2008 uTorrent /thread criccio, Mar 27, 2009 criccio, Mar shehzad irani great stuff. Remember that Bootcamp alone wont successfully create the Windows partition and the Windows installer needs to complete the process. This discussion is locked            Siron Level 1 (20 points) Q: Can Someone Help Me With Vista Install with Bootcamp?

nao sei que modificacao fizeram mas ficou a desejar. And for those of you who leveraged Friends to take advantage of faster downloads through FriendBoost, expect to see some alternatives for faster downloads in the not so distant future.  Connecting Messages: 17,255 Joined: May 5, 2006 utorrent and vuze work great for me on Vista x64 Grentz, Mar 27, 2009 Grentz, Mar 27, 2009 #8 Mar 27, 2009 #9 pxc That's too bad! =( http://LancerKind.com Lancer Kind Nice job on the icons and color coding!

Say Thanks: Show your appreciation by sending RME points. I started with installing the newest Java runtime, and after that i downloaded Azureus. THX Jeremy B Nice job and excellent timing. When I go to Computer Managment in System Administration I believe I can see the drive there.

Networking in Facebook and Twitter has not the possibility of sharing files and the peace of mind of these being encoded. The new Library super sucks. I was not happy with the dead of it before a "new boost solution" appears.