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Need A Little Advise On RAM. Nothing Serious.


Just because they no longer sell it in stores doesn't mean there aren't still software apps trying to convince you that the laws of physics don't apply inside your computer.Reclaim Memory Not enough. If you're going to be away for a solid bit, shut it down. Sign In Use Facebook Use Twitter Use Windows Live Register now!

But if you're going to use Internet Explorer, and you're going to use add-ons, expect to see more crashing than normal.Get Firefox's Best Features in Internet ExplorerGet Firefox's Best Features in But, heck, let's just say it again. And the video editing won't be like full-scale productions. Without knowing the motherboard, it is difficult to say if the onboard video can be disabled, so you may lose some of your ram to it.

Disk Cleanup

Does it seem fit? So, you will be working on the 80gb drive and storing on the external...and working on the same drive as your system may prove undesirable. 0 #9 kr580 Posted 09 July All rights reserved. And if you follow some other basic security advice, you'll get by just fine, and never see a "reminder" that it's time to pony up for your protection fee.Stop Paying for

that's an easy fix. Sorry for being dumb. It seems easy enough and I know alot of computer experts so they'll help. Ccleaner Getting a new computer...

I know it uses alot and if I need to I could always buy another 512 stick... If we're talking PCs, the answer to the question of sleep or shutdown depends on how you feel about your electricity bill. Jump to content FacebookTwitter Geeks to Go Forum Hardware Hardware, Components and Peripherals Welcome to Geeks to Go - Register now for FREE Geeks To Go is a helpful hub, where http://www.tricitydodge.com/check-engine-light-on-.htm Some tips are timeless, others are bunk that always recirculate.

Several functions may not work. Cpu For laptops, the issue of battery life and convenience is a sticky wicket. But it will be adequate, meaning playable. 0 #3 Lane Rendell Posted 08 July 2005 - 10:27 AM Lane Rendell Member Member 12 posts And also if your editing video alot Before I get into that, the ATI aiw 9600xt is compatible.


Now my rationale--and I take you at your word for what you are planning this for. this With a little research though you wont need it, check out the pinned toipice on the system building section there is a link to a good building tutorial. 0 #8 gerryf Disk Cleanup This anti-malware app is entirely free for Windows users, from initial install through every malware definition update. Registry Cleaner There are smart ways to manage your memory use, but you can't get something (more RAM) out of nothing (colorful packaging).

see bottom of post) video capturing, gaming and TV watching. They didn't, and those who disable QoS, or IPv6, in XP actually end up with some pretty harsh connectivity problems.Running defragment apps: On Windows Vista and 7, and into the future, Like design an entire operating system, even one with a 64-bit version, that doesn't know how to use multiple cores. For users who are apt to click on "You've Just Won a Free iPad!", having administrator rights on their user account is a recipe for malware and other bad things. Malwarebytes

You can change how many cores Vista boots up with, but only if you're looking to test single-core operation for your application—otherwise, Vista automatically boots up with what you've got.Make Vista The PC is ok for games and tv watching, but again more ram is better and a better videocard would be better, still. the xt9600 aiw is a good card, but not a great card....if you want to play the latest games in all thier glory (meaning high detail), it is not going to warriorscot - I wouldn't know the first thing about how to make a computer.

And my video editing won't be serious so I doubt it will be to the scale you imagined. Avast Is there anything you recommend changing or something that HAS to be changed? With solid-state drives, there's no need at all, and doing so might actually be harmful to the flash-memory-based devices.

It cleans out cruft, shows you more of the apps you have installed than Windows does, offers auto-starting application disabling, and can even be pointed, sniper-style, at the application you want

Recently we learned to love the latest version of this built-in app, on the strengths of its performance (no, seriously), its built-in streaming and album art functions, and the fact that, Lane Rendell - Like I said above I have an 80GB external so that's a bunch of space. Thanks for the replies anyway - Kevin 0 Back to Hardware, Components and Peripherals · Next Unread Topic → Similar Topics 0 user(s) are reading this topic 0 members, 0 guests, Windows 10 Whether it's a self-repairing hard drive, an automatic CCleaner run, or dozens of night-time fix-it jobs, it's not that hard, and the time invested in setting up pays off exponentially in

Alongside the usual…Read more Read more Reinstall Windows regularly: If you were never going to die, spending hours every year re-installing Windows—and, more relevant to most of us, all your applications And the real reason for my post:I want to get an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT video card. Again, this is what you say you are going to be doing A LOT of. Here's a closer look at what really helps and hurts your Windows PC.AdvertisementFirst up, here's the quick chart version, with the tips you're likely to hear floating around the net and

You are nervous about doing it but once its done its great. That 80gb is inadequate, and in truth, if you are really doing videoediting you probably want a dedicated drive just for working the video, and a fast drive. Ed Bott summed it up succinctly: Windows 7 Ultimate, for all but the most corporate or IT-versed of users, is an "unnecessary luxury."Not having "Admin" access: For the savvy user who Either way, don't plug it in if you don't have to, and spend more time getting things done than micro-managing your modern battery.Debunking Common Windows Performance Tweaking MythsDebunking Common Windows Performance

Granting admin access to bad stuff is the cause of up to 90 percent of security flaws, so on a shared desktop, or a laptop you let your friends and family Luckily it's not that hard to automatically back up your hard drive.Geek to Live: Automatically back up your hard driveGeek to Live: Automatically back up your hard driveGeek to Live: Automatically Trying to enable it in XP isn't actually harmful, unless you consider false hope a long-lasting harm. Register now to gain access to all of our features, it's FREE and only takes one minute.

Luckily the best online backup tools are easy to use and relatively inexpensive (at least where your important data is at stake).Five Best Online Backup ToolsFive Best Online Backup ToolsFive Best Heck, we briefly believed it, as did Gizmodo, but it's a sham. Video editing also takes up tons of disk space. need some input.

I just want to know if this computer seems ok for that...