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New To Windows 8/HP Laptop-Apps Open In Desktop Mode


windows 8 apps open in desktop mode...help! Interface requires huge work, return real Start Menu/Update Icons on the desktop which haven't been updated for years, Redesign Control Panel and put real interface similar to Windows XP,but little better It's like being stuck in a room with no doors and one window that you can't get out of, it feels so very wrong. I can only pin from IE buy clicking on the small tools icon in the upper right corner. this contact form

Your comment about this being a "false controversy" proves you aren't part of the business world, lawn boy. 0 2 years ago Reply DJCBS "what people really want when they ask I think people are generally closed to changes, and the new paradigms brought by W8 certainly proved that. Each solution provides the ability to replace the default Windows 8 Start Button with a new custom solution that allows a more traditional way of viewing the installed applications on your If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it is a saying that comes to my mind a lot when I see Win8 reviews/complaints.

How To Put Apps On Desktop Windows 10

Fact is, if Microsoft chose to ship Windows 8 with a Start menu and a Start screen, you would have been here defending that version of Windows. As an example, the Reader app in Windows 8 opens PDF files by default, even if you download Adobe Reader XI. A lot of apps don't need to be the full height of my screen - it would be fantastic to have 6-8 apps on the screen at once, instead of the Remember, in tablet mode, the desktop won't be available though you will be able to still access the desktop folder through File Explorer.

Yes, After one or another update/program install (browsers might have changed from defaults as well), IE opened on desktop all of the time. Better ask PC makers how tiny that portion is. So my issue is needing to prevena t window closing spontaneously when I'm working. Apps For Hp Laptop Windows 10 So now I have peace of [email protected] for 1200 bucks and unhappy child.

Perhaps a small menu on the left like that would be a good way to help migrate 7 users into 8. That's where Linux fails. The desktop? http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c03325557 It's just the right amount, pretty late. 0 2 years ago Reply AgentTheGreat Ever heard of Windows 8's "dual personality" and "jagged experience"?

These are the same people at work, who if you change the location of their desk, lose their mind for the next 14 months. 0 2 years ago Reply missionsparta I'm How To Put Apps On Desktop Windows 7 Microsoft assumes that because they have a big market share that their users' opinions don't matter. But I agree that Linux systems can be harder to configure. I am using windows 8.1 and thunderbird mail.

How To Put Icons On Desktop Windows 8

I admit I love the Aero look of Win7, and I'm amenable to the argument of saving resources by having a less-pretty OS. learn this here now What really annoys me is how unbelievable this restriction can be: In my college, all the new computers came with W8 and, even considering they're not touch powered, the keyboards all How To Put Apps On Desktop Windows 10 I boot into metro, and hitting the start button takes me to metro, but closing apps takes me to desktop. How To Put Apps On Desktop Mac Then I used it on a touch tablet and it was magically transformed...

No amount of Microsoft sheep and blind fanboyism can turn this design into the delight fanboys want to pretend Windows 8 is. http://isdotnetdead.com/how-to/new-aspire-es-15-laptop-installed-windows-10-keep.html ExtremeTech Newsletter Subscribe Today to get the latest ExtremeTech news delivered right to your inbox. Then I learned you could switch up the view to classic/uncategorized.  Windows 8 is missing these 'views' to keep from alienating users who have to relearn where to find stuff. Win8 will never be adopted by corporate users. Apps For Desktop Windows 7

It's about a disastrous design. How the heck can I make it easier for him to use the fiddly and mostly invisible mouse-over functions, like computer shut down and sleep? If anyone ahs any suggestions, please email me at: [email protected] Ginny Cheaney Says: April 7th, 2013 at 4:20 pm I hate windows 8 and just want windows 7 back. navigate here I say, bring in a new start menu that bridges the desktop and modern UI /apps, call it Windows 9, and give everyone on Windows 8 a free upgrade.

Kevin Says: June 25th, 2014 at 6:01 pm Great article. What Might Happen To The Windows System If Too Many Services Are Running Problem solved ruu721 Says: December 29th, 2012 at 10:33 pm have had my Surface for months and haven't put it down...completely awesome! For a start, when you see your first SmartScreen warning (pictured above), don't be alarmed.

Guess what the maintainers did first?

Also installing some basic programs like Skype gave me issues(not to mention the Skype interface for Linux is terrible) and i'm by no means a newbie when it comes to computers. I'm recommending that users hold off as long as possible before making the jump to Windows 8/8.1. Taking Advantage of new Windows 8.1 Update 1 features This is not so much of a tweak, but instead a reminder of the abilities brought forward in “Update 1” for keyboard How To Put Icons On Desktop Windows 10 it just doesnt open in start anymore, it opens in desktop now Reply 0 0 Cloud_Strider Regents Professor Posts: 5,568 Member Since: ‎09-23-2010 Message 6 of 7 (7,581 Views) Report Inappropriate

The biggest change to note is that you can now close Windows 8 applications by moving your mouse into the upper right hand corner of an app; when you do so, The extra step to put them on screen is annoying to do with the mouse and more importantly unnecessary due to the large screen. http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony Ahhh! his comment is here Check it out: http://www.classicshell.net/ 0 2 years ago Reply Sabre Wulf Because it's not pro-Microsoft, and WPCentral does not write anything that is not pro-Microsoft. 0 2 years ago Reply psychotron

You don't need drivers, dude.